A Livia Review – How this Spearheading Period Pain Reliever Changed My Life

As someone who has desperately researched how to get rid of period pain for over a decade, I want to share a little story with those seeking mental cramp relief as we speak. I just turned 29 years old, and I now know what a normal period should feel like. It is not some torturous reoccurring reality of being a woman that we have to suck up and face. It is not having to miss out on the joys of life because we are too sick and in pain to move. And it is not having to rely on copious amounts of painkillers just to lessen the pain a few notches. 

In fact, it is quite the opposite.

You see, a period may be a natural fact of life, but having to google how to stop menstrual cramps for some period pain relief is not. The truth is that normal periods should come and go with ease, and be polite without causing any trouble for you. It took me over ten years to realize that this pain is not part of the “woman experience,” and it all started when I used Livia for the first time.

Backing Up…

I remember very vividly the moment I became a woman. I was 14 years old, and I had to race out of history class to the bathroom, and not for the reasons you may be thinking. Tears were streaming down my face not only because this was new to me but because I was in agony. The unbearable cramping and stabbing were so severe that it made me nauseous and unable to move or focus on anything else. After muscling through the day, my mother made an appointment for me to get checked out by my doctor. It turns out that I had what is called Dysmenorrhea, the most common gynecologic problem in menstruating women. In a nutshell, my body had an increased production of endometrial prostaglandin, which provoked more frequent and stronger uterine contractions.

I was prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications to soothe the pain as each month passed, but no luck with menstrual cramp relief. I later tried coupling it with oral contraceptive pills as well, but nothing seemed to work. As the years went by and missing countless days of school and work, I became desperate for period pain relief and turned to alternative treatments like acupuncture and essential oils. Still, I was in agony and, by this point, feeling hopeless. However, something new popped up on my ‘how to get rid of period pain’ quest – Livia.

What Is Livia?

Livia is a discrete device that claims to offer period pain relief by simply putting it on. I’ll be honest, even after reading the clinical results, I was a bit skeptical but still chose to give it a shot. Let me tell you, that was the single-handedly most beneficial and life-changing investment I have ever made. For the first time in my life, I felt pain-free, and I did not have to ingest any painkillers, birth control pills, or be poked with needles to obtain it.

Overall, Livia is a revolutionizing tool that leverages electric micro-pulses to stop the pain carrying sensory receptors from reaching the brain, resulting in instant menstrual cramp relief. The technology used was derived from the “Gate Control Theory,” which indicates that when you transmit unique pulses, it distracts/stimulates the nerves. When this happens, the pain signals are unable to reach the brain and be felt. So, by seamlessly attaching Livia to your waistband, you are sending vibrations directly to your peripheral nerves that deliver instant relief and improves your natural pain responses over time as well. The best part? Livia has a CE certification, is FDA approved, and is 100% safe and risk-free.

For a video overview, you can find that here.

Final Thoughts – Give Yourself the Quality Life You Deserve All Year Round

I never really enjoyed being a woman up until I discovered Livia. For the longest time, I thought being a woman meant that I was handed the short end of the stick. When I was on my period, I would be bedridden, and when I was not on my period, I would be too focused on overcoming the next cycle to relax and be happy. So, when I say that Livia changed my life for the better in more ways than one, I am not kidding.

Fast forward to today, I am now able to live my life to the fullest. I can wake up each day not paranoid or franticly trying to scope out how to stop menstrual cramps that I knew would only let me down. I feel in control, and more importantly, proud to be a woman and experience life in the body I have. In the end, ladies, please realize that you are not alone. Periods do not have to be a debilitating reality for you, and you do not have to subject yourself to harsh medications that do more harm to your health than good. After adding Livia into my routine, I understand what living should truly be like, and you deserve this same level of euphoric, pain-free freedom as well.

Final verdict review? Million and one thumbs up.