How To Get Rid Of Period Cramps?

Menstrual cramps – the necessary evil women must go through every month. Evil, we agree. But necessary? Not so much. Over the centuries, many women, scientists, and innovators have come out with many answers to the age-old question – how to get rid of period cramps?

The mode of administering the treatment, efficacy, and side-effects may vary, but there are many ways. So, if you have tried it all, read through this list. You may find a real winner.

Old Wives’ Tales

Pro: Can be easily done at home

Con: Not science backed

There are many concoctions to help period cramps that run-in families. These are secrets that are tried, tested, and passed down by generations. So, the old wives know what they are doing.

Reaching Orgasm

Progesterone, the libido inhibiting hormone, is at its lowest levels during women’s periods. So, you may find herself more aroused than usual. This arousal may help you fight that period pain. Many believe that sex, or more specifically, orgasming can help relieve period pain. So, whether you have a partner or not – orgasm away to a pain-free period!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is usually used as a pain relief during period cramps. It is said that regularly taking 25cc of extra virgin olive oil makes period cramps go away. Interestingly enough, a University study found that extra virgin oil can be used as an alternative to Ibuprofen. Olive oil is available in every kitchen, which makes it a highly accessible solution for every woman.

Focused Solutions

Pro: Focused approach, no side-effects, and reviews ensure good results

Con: No secondary use

There are many products available in the market which are created with the goal of relieving period pain. These solutions are known to work and have amassed a lot of positive reviews.

Kinesiology Tape

This is the tape you can find at local sports shops and is used by athletes to alleviate pain by improving circulation in the body. A 2017 study found that together with hot packs, kinesiology tape wrapped around the pelvis can help with menstrual pain. The improved blood circulation reduces the muscle tension in the area, helping with cramps. The kinesiology tape is used outside the body, so there are no side effects. The only problem you may face is that it can be uncomfortable to wear outside the house.

Period Pain Relief Technology

There are some handy solutions that have been devised to primarily relieve period pain. The most popular among them being Livia. Their pain relief system is built on the concept of the Gate Control Theory. The transmission of a unique pulse stimulates and distracts the nerves. This distraction makes the nerve gate close and prevents the pain signal from reaching the brain, in effect, relieving pain instantly. When you are asking yourself – how to relieve period cramps fast? Livia is the answer. They follow a scientifically proven process, has patent-approved technology and FDA clearance. Additionally, the small size and stylish design of Livia makes it easy to carry and wear anywhere.

Assisted Treatments

Pro: Improves health and relieve pain at the same time

Con: No targeted effect on pain and the results are not instant. Might cost more.

There are many ancient treatments that women can use to ease their period pain problems. However, given the specialist nature of these treatments, they need to be conducted under the supervision of an expert. They may also cost more than most other solutions.

Guided Relaxation

Yoga nidra is a guided relaxation technique in yoga. You have to essentially lie down while an instructor, in person on in a video, guides you to a meditative state. The fact that you have a guide takes the stress out of “doing it right”. In fact, a study conducted on the subject found that the relaxation experienced during yoga nidra not just helps with relieving period pain, but it is also helpful to deal with irregular periods, anxiety, and stress.


The ancient Chinese healing technique has a cult following around the globe. However, as it turns out, it also offers period cramp relief. While it sounds counterintuitive that you would like needles jabbed into your body while going through painful abdominal cramps, it works. An extensive study carried out in Australia and New Zealand conclusively stated that “acupuncture administered over three menstrual cycles gave both statistically and clinically significant reductions in menstrual pain compared to baseline and persisted for 12 months”. Guess acupuncture is the solution to many of life’s problems.

Pharmaceutical Treatment

Pro: Easily available in pharmaceutical shops

Con: Prolonged use can reduce efficacy and have other grave side effects

The most commonly used pain relievers used by women are pharmaceutical in nature. These can be supplements or menstrual cramps pills. While these have been popularized to produce quick period relief, there are many problems attached to them that build a case against them.


Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil supplements have been shown to offer menstrual cramp relief. These supplements help in relieving inflammation, pain, and supplementing the body with the necessary nutrition it needs. However, it is important to consult a physician before starting on such supplements.

OTC Medication

The most common solution to period pain in a rushed modern life is OTC medication. It is usually the ibuprofen that women take to get quick period pain relief. Ironically, the medicine for period cramps, only reduces the pain to makes it more bearable but never eliminates it. It is important to understand that any synthetic pharmaceutical drug has side effects, and its effect diminishes over time. Given the efficacy to risk ration, these are not a healthy solution to your period pain problems.

Get Rid of the Pain Effectively

Every woman does not experience the same levels of pain during their menstrual cycle. However, those who suffer can attest to the fact that the pain can get mercilessly intense. They are always searching for a solution that delivers instant and proven results, does not harm the body, and is affordable.

Among the many solutions, scientifically created and peer-reviewed products like Livia come out as distinct winners. Their singular focus on relieving period pain is what makes them highly effective and completely safe. Livia carries the approval by FDA and CE. It has also received shining reviews from Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, The Economic Times, Mail Online, and many other reputed publications. Moreover, they are competitively priced, reusable, and don’t take a lot of effort to start.

We deem Livia the clear winner of course 😊